How to create a Stellar account

Great! You made it this far. So you must be wondering, how do I get a Stellar account? Before we get into that, lets just give a brief introduction on the features of a Stellar  account. Basically, an account on the Stellar network is similar to your regular bank account. It contains information about the following: Your account balance or balances. Remember a Stellar account can hold multiple assets: Signers- These are the authorised actors on an account, just the way you have signatories in a regular bank account. Account Thresholds- These are like security levels. Operations on an accounts have various thresholds, only authorised signers with enough weight can carry out operations of certain thresholds. Other account related values.

Ways to get a Stellar account

  1. Stellar Laboratory: This is by far the quickest and easiest way (IMO) to get an account. Just click on the “account creator” menu item and follow the instructions. You can visit the Stellar laboratory here http://stellar.org/laboratory. The Stellar laboratory provides you access to the Stellar test network, here you can play around with stellar accounts and operations.
  2. Register on a wallet: This is also an easy option. Most wallets are straightforward and getting started is as easy as signing up to any social media service. Note that some wallets are more feature-rich than others so keep an eye out.  Here are some links to some wallets:
  3. Use the Stellar SDK:  For those who will like a more hands on approach or maybe you are just more careful with the information you share with sites online, the Stellar website has a great tutorial on how to create an account using the Javascript SDK. You can read more about it here https://www.stellar.org/developers/guides/get-started/create-account.html

 Note: A stellar account needs to be funded before it is active on the stellar network. When you create an account, you are issued the public key (this is you public account number) and secret seed (do not share this information), however the Stellar network will only recognise your account ID when it has been funded by an existing account.

Important: Every Stellar account has a public key and a secret seed. NEVER SHARE YOUR SECRET KEY WITH ANY ONE. If you lose your secret seed you lose your account.

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